Mercy Ship Africa



In January, 2017 I will be leaving behind my husband, dog, family, friends and job to travel to Benin in Western Africa to volunteer on board the Africa Mercy  for 10 weeks.

The Africa Mercy is a large boat which operates as a ‘floating hospital’ and includes five operating theatres, an intensive care unit, recovery and general wards. It docks into a country for ten months of the year and provides free medical treatment to thousands of people who do not have access to health care.  The organisation is also involved in education of the local health care workers and community development projects which continue to benefit the community positively once the ship has left.

Many of the people coming to the  Africa Mercy for treatment have had long battles with diseases that are often in a late stage and very severe due to a lack of access to health care. They are often disfigured from their condition and are shunned or isolated from their communities. For them, this treatment is life changing!

I will be living and working on the ship as a nurse along with over 400 other volunteers from all over the world who are each.
More information on Mercy Ships.

Donations towards Jody’s trip can be made here.

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